In this webinar, Sano’s Senior Project Manager Clare Clarke shares the approach Sano employs to achieve its mission of accelerating the world’s transition to precision medicine. She outlines the seamless integration of recruitment, biomarker testing, and engagement within research trials, and provides an overview of Sano’s technology. This is the first in a series of webinars that will showcase various aspects of Sano’s product.

A brief summary is below, or feel free to watch the full webinar at the bottom of this page.

About the speaker

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Clare Clarke

Clare Clarke is a seasoned Senior Product Manager at Sano Genetics, where she excels in creating impactful solutions within the clinical trial space, focusing on participant and researcher needs. Her journey in the tech and biotech fields is underpinned by a rich background in the history of medicine, including an MPhil from the University of Cambridge. During her years at Sano, she has contributed to the enhancement of patient experiences and the creation of an administrative platform for researchers. Her commitment to precision medicine and patient-centric product development continues to drive her success at Sano Genetics.

Highlights from the webinar

Clare begins by addressing the typical challenges encountered by prospective participants in medical research, such as the use of complicated medical terminology and the burdensome demands of study participation. She then presents Sano and demonstrates its technology, from both a sponsor perspective and a participant perspective. She emphasises the product’s role in streamlining the process for participants and sponsors from the initial recruitment phase to active participant engagement.

Key points include:

  • Participant-centric design: Clare showcases the participant-friendly study pages created by Sano, emphasising their flexibility and the thoughtful consideration of participants' needs, such as designing with conditions like long COVID in mind.
  • Efficient screening process: The webinar explores Sano's streamlined pre-screening questionnaire and electronic consent forms, which significantly increase questionnaire completion rates.
  • Innovative use of genetic data: Clare discusses how Sano facilitates the reuse of existing genetic data to optimise participant suitability assessment, alongside offering at-home genetic testing kits to minimise participant burden.
  • The Virtual Waiting Room: She then shares details on Sano’s Virtual Waiting Room, a platform that offers personalised content and updates, ensuring participants are continuously engaged and informed throughout their research journey.


This webinar not only underscores the importance of a participant-first mentality in clinical trials but also showcases Sano's dedication to creating a more efficient, engaging, and accessible research environment. Through innovative product features like the Virtual Waiting Room and streamlined recruitment processes, Sano is paving the way towards a future where medical discoveries are accelerated, and participant involvement is deeply valued.

For a deeper dive into how Sano is shaping the future of medical research, view the full webinar:



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