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Enrol and engage patients more quickly and at a lower cost with strategic planning from the start


Study design and consulting

Sano is in the business of patient engagement – we work hard to ensure a seamless patient journey in which every patient has a clear, easy-to-follow experience. This starts with a study design that takes the patient experience into account, and measures what matters to patients.

It’s also much faster and less costly to make updates at the design stage before committing to protocol writing and launch.

Our expert team consults with you to draft, refine, or optimize your study design.

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Protocol development

Translating study design into a patient-finding protocol that can be submitted to the appropriate ethics boards is a key step to ensuring you are de-risking your pre-screening, patient engagement, and real-world data collection. 

Sano offers custom patient-finding protocol development for your study. Working alongside your clinical team, we build a strategy to drive patients to the Sano Platform, screen them for your study (including genetic testing), refer them as appropriate, and engage with them on an ongoing basis. We bring our years of industry knowledge to support production of the required study documentation for ethics submission and review.

Our approach is iterative and data-driven, and every step along the way is managed and measured. Setting up a protocol prior to study launch significantly increases the chance of delivery and reduces the cost of recruitment.

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