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We send you personalised information plus opportunities to contribute to the latest research and trials - all based on your health and DNA.

  • Discover the latest study opportunities and help vital research, often from home
  • Free, at-home Sano DNA Test with many of our research studies
  • Unlock your free Sano Personal DNA Reports, just upload existing data

Our world-class study partners

Imperial College London
University of Cambridge
University of Liverpool
University of Manchester

You decide who sees your data

Animation showing how to toggle ask/allow options for sharing basic information in future studies. The same applies to the medical history survey. You can also delete any of the responses you provide.

  • Every part of Sano is built privacy-first and secure
  • We use clear, transparent language at every stage
  • Choose the studies you want to share data with

Learn more about you.
Help others through research

Animation showing the user scrolling through reports. They have uploaded DNA data, so the reports are personalised to them. (We have designed the charts we use for reports to be accessible using a screenreader.)

Access your free Sano Personal DNA Reports

  • Get free DNA data with many of our studies
  • Or upload DNA data from other providers
  • Learn about your genetics and health
Explore DNA reports

Animation shows notifications appearing on a phone screen - they are from "Georgia at Sano Genetics". The first reads "Ready to see your new research matches?" and the date shows as June 15. The second reads "Thanks for completing our online survey" (May 13), and the third is "You’re eligible for an at-home study" (May 6).

Help others by giving back to research

  • Contribute to studies, often quickly and from home
  • Participate through online surveys, samples & clinical trials
  • Receive study updates and feedback where possible
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Welcome to Sano

Nice to meet you. We founded Sano because we believe that contributing to research should be engaging, supportive and meaningful for participants. Having experienced both sides of medical research - as research participants and researchers - we felt there was huge potential to improve the process and make participating in research rewarding and easy to do. We met working on our PhDs at the University of Cambridge, and our team brings in years of expertise in medical research, genetics and security-led software engineering. Thank you for coming along on the journey with us.

Our promise

Our core value at Sano is transparency. From how we handle your data to how we operate as a company, we are committed to complete honesty. Here are our promises to you.

Learn more with our podcast

Dr Patrick Short, CEO of Sano, interviews leading professionals and people living with conditions. Tune in to hear from world-leading experts and people living the reality of health conditions.

The Genetics Podcast
Latest episode 24 Nov 2021

EP73: Ochre Bio: Building an in-silico liver model and addressing the impact and challenges of developing new treatments

In this week’s episode Patrick speaks to Quin Wills and Jack O’ Meara, Co-Founders of Ochre Bio, about their founding story, why in-silico discoveries could be the road to faster and lower cost liver therapeutics, and the need for prioritising preventative measures against disease as the average human lifetime gets longer.

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How it works

  1. 1Create your Sano Profile
  2. 2If you have it, upload your exisiting DNA data from another provider. If you don’t have DNA data, we’ll let you know as soon as there’s an opportunity for you to receive a free, at-home Sano DNA Test.
  3. 3Explore relevant study opportunities, articles and more.
  4. 4Each week, we’ll let you know if you match an opportunity to contribute to research.
  5. 5We are currently focusing on research in COVID-19, Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel disease, Non-alcholic Fatty Liver disease, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Free at-home Sano DNA Test with selected research opportunities

If you have DNA data from another provider, easily upload it to your Sano Profile to get access to our library of free Sano Personalised DNA reports. If not, no problem. We’ll always let you know if you might fit a study that offers a free Sano DNA Test as part of contributing.