The science of success: Clinical trial recruitment strategies [whitepaper]

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Clinical trials drive medical progress, but their success relies on effective patient recruitment. And recruiting patients for clinical trials is no small task. Consider these statistics: 37% of trial sites struggle with under-enrollment, 11% fail to enrol any patients, and 90% of trials need their timelines doubled to meet goals. Recruiting one patient costs an average of $6,533, with replacing a drop-out patient soaring to $19,533. Getting patient recruitment right is paramount.

That’s why we’ve written our latest whitepaper, "Strategic approaches for effective clinical trial recruitment channels,” a comprehensive guide to mastering clinical trial recruitment. Equipped with these insights, you can enhance efficiency, foster inclusivity, and stay at the forefront of industry trends.

Download our whitepaper now to begin to realise the full potential of thoughtful clinical trial patient recruitment.

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