The essential role of patient empowerment in precision medicine [whitepaper]

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In our latest whitepaper, "Beyond the bench: The role of patient empowerment in shaping precision medicine research," we examine how patient involvement is transforming the field of genomics- and biomarker-driven research. In highlighting the shift towards patient-centric models, we emphasise the importance of including patient insights in the development of new treatments.

Precision medicine promises therapies that are more effective and have fewer side effects, tailored to individual genetic profiles. This advancement, however, hinges on the active participation of patients. Their experiences and involvement in clinical trials are invaluable, contributing to more targeted and effective healthcare solutions. The collaboration with patient advocacy groups stands out as a key factor for success, ensuring that research agendas align with patient needs. Moreover, we discuss the ethical and regulatory challenges of patient engagement, including informed consent and data privacy.

At Sano, we envision a future where patients are not just participants but partners in their healthcare journey. With advancements in precision medicine, patients gain more control over their health data and treatment decisions, marking a significant step towards more personalised and effective treatments.

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patient empowerment whitepaper


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