Legal landscapes in precision medicine: Market access and intellectual property law [webinar recap]

mina webinar

This webinar is the second in a series on the complex legal environment of precision medicine, featuring Mina Frost, General Counsel for Sano Genetics. In this episode, Mina focuses on issues like market access, reimbursement, and intellectual property. Mina provides a clear breakdown of these topics, helping us understand how laws affect the delivery of innovative medical treatments.

You can find the full webinar here; below is a brief summary for quick reference.

About the speaker


Mina Frost

Mina Frost is a global legal expert with over 20 years of experience specialising in healthcare law. Based in London, she is a US-qualified lawyer known for her agile approach to risk management, good governance, and ethical design thinking. Frost has played crucial roles at pharmaceutical companies like GSK and Abbott Laboratories, including being the first Global Privacy Officer at both companies. Her expertise extends to digital risk, particularly as healthcare expands digital-led drug discovery. And, as a special needs mom, her personal experiences add profound insight to her professional contributions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Highlights from the webinar

Mina discusses the process of navigating market access and reimbursement landscapes in precision medicine. She sheds light on the regulatory challenges presented by different international standards, particularly between the United States and the EU, stressing the necessity for a tailored approach in each region due to their unique legal frameworks.

A significant portion of the webinar focuses on the issues of data privacy and security. Precision medicine’s reliance on large amounts of sensitive patient data—including genetic information—demands stringent compliance with regulations like HIPAA in the US and GDPR in the EU. Mina emphasises the importance of maintaining robust data protection measures to safeguard patient privacy.

The discussion also covers the nuances of intellectual property in precision medicine, particularly the challenges in patenting genetic discoveries and the impact of major legal precedents. Mina highlights the ongoing need for clear legal standards to guide the patentability of genetic sequences and the development of novel therapies.


This webinar sheds light on how legal challenges intertwine with the ongoing advancements in precision medicine. Mina's thorough explanations clarify the role legal factors play in shaping the development and distribution of groundbreaking treatments.

As precision medicine evolves, the collaboration among legal experts, regulators, healthcare professionals, and patients is essential. Sano is at the forefront of these discussions, committed to navigating these complex legal terrains to enhance patient care through innovation. Our proactive approach ensures that as we partner with researchers to push the boundaries of what's possible, we're also setting the highest standards for legal and ethical practice. We're proud to lead the way in making precision medicine both innovative and responsible.

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