In honour of Clinical Trials Day, we're sharing some reflections from our team at Sano about why we do what we do. Clinical Trials Day marks the anniversary of James Lind's first controlled clinical trial in 1747, a key moment in medical history. For us at Sano, it’s a chance to celebrate the work we’re passionate about and the incredible people who make it possible. These quotes reflect some of our personal journeys and the reasons why we’re dedicated to advancing precision medicine. From living with genetic conditions to striving for groundbreaking discoveries, our team’s stories show the heart and commitment behind our mission to transform healthcare.

Group 48096215Lindsey Wahlstrom-Edwards, Partnerships Lead

I work at Sano for the people: My teammates, our partners and clients, and — most importantly — the individuals who partake in our programs. Drug discovery and research programs work best when everyone has a seat at the table from the start. It’s an honor to be surrounded by dedicated individuals who are working hard to give people more options when it comes to preserving and restoring their health.

Group 48096212Yasmin Hamadache, Clinical Trials Project Coordinator

My journey into joining Sano comes from quite a personal place. Living with “incurable” disorders has given me a profound appreciation for how complex the human body is and how much we need precision medicine. Being part of the advancement of precision medicine and seeing how it can change people's lives has made me see that at Sano I’m a part of something so much bigger than myself. We’re making a tangible difference in the lives of people facing all kinds of health challenges by pushing the boundaries of medical science.

Group 48096213Candice King, Partnerships and Patient Involvement Specialist

Having Cystic Fibrosis myself and having taken part in clinical trials, I know the impact that access to trials for new precision medicines, that might turn into life-changing treatment options, can have on an individual. Working at Sano, whose mission is to accelerate the world's transition to precision medicine, aligns with my personal hope that all patients living with a genetic condition will one day be able to live fuller and healthier lives with effective treatment options for them.

Group 48096210Lauren Wong, VP, Marketing

Coming from the world of consumer brands, I’ve observed that participants in research often endure suboptimal, disjointed experiences throughout their journey. If individuals receive outstanding experiences from their favorite brands, why shouldn’t they expect the same level of communication and participant-centricity from clinical trials? At Sano, our work connects the dots to accelerate cures by placing participants at the center of everything we do.

Group 48096209Axelle Caudrillier, Lab Partnerships Lead

After 15 years in academic research, transitioning to the industry, my goal was to make a more significant impact on patients' lives. Sano has enabled me to fulfill this mission by expanding access to genetic testing, streamlining the process for patients, and accelerating diagnosis. Having lost my father due to a genetic condition, I am determined to ensure others have access to trials, have the ability to advance research, and receive timely diagnoses and treatments. My aim is to help transform genetic diagnosis from a predetermined fate to a tool for effective treatment.

Group 48096214Lisa Conroy, Senior Content Strategist

I joined Sano because I believe in the power of hope. Medicine is always evolving, and each new discovery in precision medicine brings us closer to better treatments and cures for the people who need them most. At Sano, we're dedicated to speeding up drug development, making the journey from the lab to the pharmacy shelf faster and more efficient. I’m passionate about being part of a team that combines cutting-edge science with genuine compassion. Together, we’re working towards a future where every health challenge is met with innovative solutions and the support people truly need.

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