Exploring genetics in clinical research: A comprehensive guide

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Genetics is reshaping the landscape of clinical research, and our latest whitepaper, "Guide: Genetics Essentials for Clinical Research Professionals," offers a concise yet comprehensive overview of this rapidly evolving field. This guide explores genetics' crucial role in drug development, discovery, and patient care.

More specifically, the guide covers key trends driving the surge of genetics in drug development, highlighting how genetically validated targets enhance clinical trial success rates. In it, we unpack core genetics concepts, from Mendelian inheritance to polygenic risk scores, to equip readers with foundational knowledge. In addition, we describe relevant genetic technologies for clinical research, shedding light on DNA sequencing methods, sample collection techniques, and effective result communication.

From clear explanations of complex genetic concepts to their practical applications, this guide empowers clinical research professionals to harness the power of genetics for improved patient outcomes. Download below!

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