A dozen powerful allies in clinical trial design and protocol development

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The process of clinical trial design and protocol development is a multifaceted and often complex task, demanding an intricate understanding of various elements – from disease pathology and drug characteristics to patient demographics. Add the challenge of integrating genetic research and prioritising patient engagement, and it becomes a sophisticated puzzle. However, such complexity is the engine that drives the evolution of precision medicine. Today, we explore twelve companies shaping the landscape of precision medicine by applying unique approaches to overcome design and protocol development challenges.

Sano Genetics

Sano Genetics is pioneering precision medicine through an innovative approach combining advanced genetic testing and robust patient engagement. Sano's focus on creating clinical trial designs and trial finding protocols focused on complex and rare disease is unique in the space.


Parexel leverages its extensive global resources and deep expertise in therapeutic areas to develop bespoke, data-driven clinical trial designs and protocols, ensuring efficiency and alignment with specific research goals, while improving patient outcomes in precision medicine.

Translational Research in Oncology (TRIO)

TRIO, an academic clinical research organisation, is known for its work in developing innovative clinical trial protocols, especially in the field of oncology. Through their global collaborative network, TRIO effectively translates novel laboratory findings into clinical settings. 


Medpace designs and develops clinical trials through a data-driven approach, focusing on unique characteristics of study drugs and target patient populations, thereby ensuring that the trial designs are robust, patient-centric, and conducive to yielding reliable outcomes in precision medicine.


IQVIA transforms clinical trial design and protocol development by leveraging real-world data and cutting-edge analytics, thereby crafting a more accurate, patient-focused, and data-driven approach that pushes the boundaries of precision medicine.

Oracle Health Sciences

Oracle Health Sciences contributes to the field of clinical trial design and protocol development by providing integrated, data-driven solutions. Their advanced technologies assist in crafting efficient clinical trial protocols and designs, optimising operations, and driving innovation in precision medicine.

ICON plc

ICON revolutionises clinical trial design and protocol development through their innovative adaptive trial design capabilities, ensuring trials are both scientifically robust and efficient, and integrating genetic research findings and patient engagement to accelerate the progress of precision medicine.

Medidata Solutions

Medidata transforms clinical trial design and protocol development by leveraging a unified platform that provides end-to-end solutions. By integrating artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and real-world data, Medidata enhances trial efficiency, ensures robust data capture, and improves patient engagement, all while driving the progress of precision medicine.

Syneos Health

Syneos Health effectively navigates clinical trial design and protocol development by employing an integrated service model, which seamlessly blends contract research and commercial roles, to create highly efficient and patient-centric trials, propelling the advancement of precision medicine.

Charles River

Charles River Laboratories shapes clinical trial design and protocol development through a focus on early-phase trials, leveraging advanced technology and a seasoned team of scientists and clinicians to integrate intricate genetic research findings into precise and efficient trial protocols.


Cytel is known for its leadership in the application of statistical science and innovative analytical software for clinical trial design. By leveraging advanced data modelling and statistical analysis, Cytel creates effective and efficient trial designs and protocols that drive precision medicine forward.

Worldwide Clinical Trials

Worldwide Clinical Trials adopts a unique "Uncommon CRO" approach to clinical trial design and protocol development, leveraging patient engagement and innovative methodologies to create effective trial protocols, which contribute significantly to the progression of precision medicine.

The clinical trial design and protocol development landscape is dynamically evolving with the increasingly central role of precision medicine and genetic research. The dozen companies highlighted here offer unique, data-driven, patient-focused strategies to tackle the complexity of this process. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, novel methodologies, and deep therapeutic expertise, these companies continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in clinical trial design, setting new standards for patient engagement and precision medicine. The continuous innovation and dedication of these organisations illustrate a bright future for clinical research, moving us closer to a world where treatment is tailored to the individual, taking us from “one-size-fits-all” to truly personalised medicine.

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