In the complex world of medical research, collaboration is key to driving innovation and progress. Sano exists to accelerate the transition to precision medicine, and in the spirit of collaboration, we’ve honed our offerings to ensure value for clients based on their specific needs. Below you’ll find seven practical ways sponsors and other researchers have worked with us to achieve their goals. 

1. Study planning

Our dedicated team of experts collaborates closely with sponsors, lending their insights to draft, refine, or optimise study designs. Patient centricity is at the heart of what we do, and it starts with study design that not only aligns with research objectives but also prioritises the patient experience. We encourage researchers to integrate the patient perspective early, and are available to consult on this. 

Our work often begins with the development of a trial-enabling protocol. This document is designed to answer important questions about how best to identify and engage participants, and how to measure what matters. This approach significantly increases the chance of delivery and reduces overall costs as well. By combining scientific rigour and patient experience, we help ensure that research studies are impactful from the start. 

A recent Parkinson’s project allowed Sano to demonstrate the importance of this type of protocol. An innovative biotech company approached Sano to identify and screen Parkinson's disease patients with LRRK2:G2019S mutation in the USA and Europe. We created and executed a trial-enabling protocol and identified eligible patients at a rate 2x the industry benchmark. 

2. Recruitment support and prescreening

Finding the right participants is essential for meaningful research outcomes. Sano employs a diverse array of patient access channels, including genetic databases, digital medical record analysis, patient organisation partnerships, digital advertisements, healthcare provider outreach, and more. This approach leads to strong enrollment rates, empowering strategic decision-making for successful research outcomes. We track all recruitment channels and optimise in real-time. 

Once patients raise their hand, we prescreen them seamlessly. In collaboration with sponsors, the Sano team creates a prescreener that balances detail and simplicity, and integrates it directly into the Sano Platform. This helps streamline trials and improve patient outcomes by creating a straightforward process for patients to check their potential eligibility right from the start.

For example, for a study aiming to identify a genetic link to COVID-19, Sano helped recruit participants who had a previous genetic test. Sano was able to enrol 484 qualified participants in 80 days, allowing recruitment to close three months sooner than expected.

3. Digital consent and EMR retrieval

In the age of technology, digital solutions are often the most efficient and convenient methods. Many sponsors come to Sano for our digital approaches to both consent and electronic medical record (EMR) retrieval. 

Our streamlined consent process simplifies participant engagement while adhering to data privacy standards.

On the EMR front, Sano provides HIPAA-compliant record retrieval and abstraction. This process enriches patient profiles, maps healthcare journeys, and enhances the identification of research-eligible patients. Sponsors can access up to seven years of medical history – including labs, scans, notes, and more. 

4. Biomarker testing

Trials testing drug targets determined through genetic evidence are twice as likely to be successful. That’s why a core Sano offering is biomarker testing – we’ve provided this service to trial sponsors, populations genomics organisations, and patient advocacy groups. 

Precision medicine researchers come to Sano for guidance in confidently planning and implementing DNA testing strategies. Our team of experts, well-versed in medical research, genetics, and secure software engineering, partners with sponsors to define their particular study's genetics approach. Sano takes the work of assessing feasibility, costs, regulations, and protocols out of sponsor hands. We then conduct genetic or other biomarker screenings for target variants, and return results. Genetic counselling is provided as needed and appropriate.

Here’s how this looks in practice: For an Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD) study, a sponsor and their CRO came to Sano to identify participants with a rare genetic variant (present in one out of 3,000 Europeans) who met additional complex medical criteria as well. We provided genetic testing to screen patients, reaching 90% of our genetically prescreened referral target in month one.

5. Patient engagement

The challenge of participant dropout remains a significant hurdle in clinical research, with dropout rates reaching up to 40%. It’s critical to get this right. Precision medicine researchers come to Sano to remove key factors that contribute to participant drop-out, such as lack of communication and feeling undervalued. Each participant engagement plan is customised to a particular trial based on sponsor needs and the particular population being engaged.

The core offering, however, is Sano’s Virtual Waiting Room. It’s a dynamic space designed to revamp patient-researcher interactions to keep patients involved and committed throughout the research journey. The goal is to build meaningful connections that last.


7. All-in-one portal

For those looking for a unified platform solution for recruitment, biomarker testing, and long-term engagement, Sano creates a customised research hub supported by the Sano platform. For pharma and biotech companies, population genomics organisations, and patient advocacy groups, Sano’s portals empower effortless communications with participants before, during, and after a study.

We’ve had sponsors opt for our self-serve option, granting them complete control over data and participant interactions. Alternatively, our team can also provide fully-managed services based on your requirements.

Collaborating with Sano offers precision medicine researchers a practical and efficient path to conducting impactful research. With our platform, services, and expertise, sponsors can enhance study design, participant recruitment, data collection, and engagement efforts. This collaborative approach ensures that research efforts are well-supported and optimised for success. 

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