18 patient engagement solutions to support clinical trial retention

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With 40% of patients enrolled in clinical trials dropping out prior to study completion, patient engagement and retention is becoming an increasingly crucial aspect of the clinical research process. The most convenient and effective patient engagement solutions today take advantage of technology to deliver personalised resources and support, whilst also improving patient outcomes and streamlining the clinical trial process. For example, some of the most frequently-used patient engagement technology includes digital health platforms, gamification, AI-powered chatbots and predictive analytics, telehealth, and patient portals.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at 18 companies that offer patient engagement solutions to support clinical trial patient retention. From remote patient monitoring to artificial intelligence, these companies are using innovative technology to drive patient engagement and transform the clinical trial landscape.

  1. Sano Genetics is a genetics research company that connects patients with research opportunities based on their genetic data. The Sano Platform includes a Virtual Waiting Room, which provides patients with customised content to drive engagement between study stages and site visits. 
  2. ObvioHealth's patient engagement offering, the ObviGo app, is an advanced digital platform through which patients can receive motivation, ask questions, play games, watch on-demand videos, share data, and talk to a real human coach any time they’d like. 
  3. DataCubed is an eClinical technology company with a patient engagement platform rooted in behavioural science. They designed their platform to engage patients and promote interaction continuously, and note that this increases patient retention to >85%.
  4. Signant Health's Smart Signals Engage Patient Concierge is a patient engagement service that leverages advanced technology and personalised communication to provide patients with real-time information, support, and guidance throughout the trial process.
  5. Science 37 is a decentralised clinical trial platform that makes it easy for patients and providers to participate in research from anywhere. Their patient relationship management platform curates content to improve patient engagement.
  6. Curebase offers technology-driven clinical trial execution services, including comprehensive patient engagement plans for each study. With a combination of automated and personal outreach, they ensure patients stay engaged and achieved a 96% patient satisfaction rate in a recent study.
  7. Reverba is a patient engagement solutions company that combines deep relationships, technology, and a focus on privacy and security. They’ve created CareConcierge to connect patients with information and education throughout the drug development and commercialization process. 
  8. Embleema is a blockchain-based platform which allows patients to consolidate their electronic medical records, track their health, take surveys, and share reports with physicians. They provide continuous feedback for patients and offer personalised services. 
  9. BBK Worldwide is a clinical trial marketing and patient recruitment firm that offers a patient engagement platform designed to connect patients with clinical trials and provide ongoing support throughout the study. Their patient engagement offerings include visit-by-visit guides, educational resources and videos, and gamification.
  10. CareClinic is a patient engagement platform that focuses on chronic disease management and medication adherence. Patients can organise appointments, track medications and symptoms, and access educational content, all in one place. 
  11. Cognitant is a digital health company that provides patient education and engagement tools for clinical research. They deliver effective patient engagement solutions that improve the patient experience and outcomes across the product lifecycle, from clinical trials to marketed products. 
  12. Clinpal is an end-to-end clinical research platform built for virtual, hybrid, and direct-to-patient studies. Within its modules, it provides education and engagement for patients through text, email, and internal messaging. 
  13. Medidata is a clinical trial management system that provides end-to-end solutions for clinical research. The Patient Cloud is a single destination patient portal that captures the patient experience in clinical trials and gathers direct patient feedback.
  14. SnapIoT is a provider of mobile-connected self-service platform solutions for clinical trials. Sponsors can tailor their mobile app with notifications, reminders, and gamification to drive engagement and retention. 
  15. MMG is a patient recruitment company that offers educational engagement as part of its recruitment and retention services. Patients receive study materials and educational videos, as well as assistance with the logistics of trial participation. 
  16. Veeva's patient engagement solutions provide real-time data insights to help healthcare providers better understand patient needs and preferences, leading to more personalised and effective care.
  17. IQVIA's patient engagement solutions provide patients with personalised education during trials, at launch, and when a drug is in market. Their capabilities include data and insights on the most effective communications channels, digital tools and resources, and predictive analytics. 
  18. Alira Health provides tailored education, communication, and support through their platform to help patients navigate complex healthcare journeys and achieve better health outcomes.

Low patient retention rates are a significant challenge for the clinical research industry, but patient engagement solutions can help to address this issue through personalised resources and support for patients. Technology is playing a key role in creating these solutions, with companies offering digital health platforms, gamification, AI-powered chatbots, telehealth, and more to improve patient outcomes and streamline the trial process. Innovative technology that offers tailored education, communication, and support can drive patient engagement, improve retention, and ultimately transform the clinical trial landscape. 

If you’re working on a precision medicine registry, natural history study, or clinical trial, Sano’s patient engagement platform can provide tailored communications such as monthly personal DNA reports, educational genetics courses, and direct email communications. These keep patients engaged throughout the course of your study and beyond.

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