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The Genetics Podcast

Exploring all things genetics Dr Patrick Short, University of Cambridge alumnus and CEO of Sano Genetics, analyses the science, interviews the experts, and discusses the latest findings and breakthroughs in genetic research.

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EP 118: The role of genetics in drug discovery and development with Dr. Matt Nelson

Join Patrick as he welcomes Dr. Matt Nelson, an influential voice in the field of genetics and drug development. Matt is currently the Vice President of Genetics and Genomics at Deerfield Discovery, as well as the CEO of Genscience. Prior to his current roles, Matt spent 15 years at GlaskoSmithKline (GSK) as a Principal Scientific Investigator and the Head of Genetics. Tune in for an interesting discussion on how genetic data has shaped drug discovery and development over the past decade, and what is needed for the next great leap forward.

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