Genetic Testing 201: Considerations and next steps for sharing your results

With the rise in precision medicine research programs, it is increasingly common for individuals to test for certain genes or genetic variants that may have contributed to the development of their health condition.

Healthcare consumers are becoming well versed in what to consider before taking a test, but are less confident in knowing what to do once they have their result. There are complex considerations to take into account when answering questions like: Should I tell my doctor? Should I tell my children?

This webinar will provide guidance to individuals who have completed genetic testing and are looking for insight into how and when to share their results. Participants will learn from a genetic counsellor and an individual who decided to complete testing for the mutation associated with Parkinson’s Disease.



Our panel of experts


Jessi Keavney-1

Jessi Keavney

Parkinson's Disease Advocate


Krista Qualmann-1

Krista Qualmann

Genetic Counselor
Grey Genetics