05 Jul 2021 - 05 Jul 2022

Long COVID - GOLD study

COVID-19 research

  • Sano-platform study
  • Ethically approved
  • University or non-profit study
  • Free DNA Test


This study aims to help researchers understand if genetics impact Long COVID symptoms and recovery through the analysis of genetic data. The long-term hope is this will help researchers to identify new treatment options in the future. Eligible participants will receive a free at-home Sano DNA Test as part of the study and will have full access to, and control of, their DNA data via the Sano Genetics platform.

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Participants need to:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Be living in UK or United Kingdom
  • Complete the study independently

How to join the study

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to participate in this study

Free DNA kit

Participants in this study may qualify for free DNA sequencing depending on eligibility.

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Frequent Questions

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