01 Oct 2021 - 30 Jun 2022

APOLLOE4: Early Alzheimer's disease study

  • Referral study
  • Ethically approved
  • Commercial study
  • Study site visit necessary
  • Sponsored
  • DNA data required
  • Data transferred outside Sano
  • Clinical Trial


The goal of this study is to help develop a potential new drug treatment for Alzheimer's disease (AD), which researchers think could be effective in treating mild cognitive impairment and AD in its early stages.

Interested in this study? Great! We just need to check a few things so we can let you know if you are eligible.

Participants need to:

  • Be 50 or older
  • Be 80 or younger
  • Have uploaded DNA data to the Sano site
  • Be living in USA or UK
  • Be based near a study site

How to join the study

  • Log in or Sign up and complete your user profile so we have some basic information to determine if this study is relevant for you.

  • Upload your DNA data to the Sano site. Then if you decide you would like us to, as part of the pre-screen survey we can check to see if you have the genetic variants which would make you eligible for this study.

  • Answer a few quick questions to check if you are eligible and let us know that you're happy for us to pass your data on to the study team.

to participate in this study

Frequent Questions

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