The code can be found on the 'spit kit' receptacle, below the barcode.

Step 1: Claim your Sano DNA Test

Once you have claimed your Test, scroll down for instructions on How to take your Test & Return your sample

Do not proceed to Step 2 until you have completed Step 1 and Claimed your DNA Test

Step 2: Watch our video guide on how to collect your saliva sample

Step 3: Select which version of our DNA Test you have so we can show you the correct return instructions

How long does it take to sequence my DNA?

Extraction phase: 1 week

It takes approximately 1 week to extract your DNA from your saliva and check that your sample is high quality and arrived to us in great condition.

Sequencing phase: 5 - 6 weeks

It then takes 5 - 6 weeks to run your DNA through the sequencing or genotyping machines to read your unique genetic code.

Quality control check phase: 2 weeks

For the final stage, it takes approximately 2 weeks to run our quality control software to ensure the high quality of your DNA data.

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