What is Long Covid?

We are collaborating with 100+ researchers around the world to answer the question:

How do our genetics impact Long Covid symptoms and recovery?

Have you had COVID-19 related symptoms for over 3 weeks?

We'd like you to join our study.

A positive covid test or a hospital stay are not requirements.

You can also join if you haven’t had COVID-19 symptoms for over three weeks, you could form part of our control group.

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Get started

There are two ways to take part


Add your existing DNA data

(Open to anyone worldwide)

Upload your DNA data (we support 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage, and 10+ others) and fill out information about whether you have had COVID-19 and your symptoms.

Your data (if you give permission) will be used to power research into genetics and COVID-19, and you get access to 15+ free reports.


Register interest in a free DNA test

(UK & USA only for now)

Fill out information about whether you have had COVID-19 and your symptoms. We will use the information you submit to help us ensure that the study is representative*.

Once we have determined the best way to allocate free tests, we will get back in touch via email letting you know whether you are eligible, and next steps if you choose to take part.

* We are planning to achieve gender parity and ethnic diversity (equal or above the UK population average) for study participants, and to include a mixture of asymptomatic, mild, moderate, and severe cases. Signing up does not guarantee a free DNA test, as this will be dependent on factors including number of free tests available (currently 3,000) and the above factors.

A joint effort

We're working with the COVID-19 hg Initiative and Cure-19 , which means our contribution can be part of something bigger.

Important findings from this project are shared openly so the worldwide scientific community can work together on COVID-19 solutions.

We're also working with Dr David Strain, Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Exeter. David was the lead on the COVID ward for older adults at the Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust. David is investigating the links between Long Covid and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and how alterations in patient microvasculature in the brain, heart, and rest of the body may play a part in both conditions.

If you are a genomics researcher, biobank, non-profit, CRO or pharmaceutical company who would like to join this initiative, please contact partners@sanogenetics.com

Stay up to date with our COVID‑19 work

A little more detail

Our core value at Sano is transparency. From how we handle your data to how we operate as a company, we are committed to complete honesty.

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