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NAFLD or NASH Prevalence

NAFLD affects approximately 1 in 4 people on a global scale.

NAFLD is highly prevalent on a global scale, but the highest rates are reported in South America and the Middle East, followed by Asia, the USA and Europe. [1]


Genetically, NAFLD is complex, although it does have a consistent association with one gene PNPLA3, in European populations. Researchers are calling for further studies to investigate the genetics of NAFLD in diverse populations. [2]

The heritability of NAFLD or NASH is medium - 20% - 70% [3]

Main Symptoms

aching pain in the top right of the tummy
extreme tiredness
unexplained weight-loss

Early stage NAFLD is usually symptom-less and will only become apparent if diagnosed during tests carried out for another reason. Patients with NASH (a more advanced form of NAFLD) can sometimes experience the above symptoms. [4]


Development of NAFLD is closely linked to lifestyle factors, including poor diet and lack of regular exercise. There is currently no drug therapy available for treatment of NAFLD. [5]

It’s estimated that the more advanced form of NAFLD, NASH, will be the most common reason for liver transplants in the USA by 2030. [6]

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