29 Oct, 2019

Sano Genetics appoints Dr Paul Wicks as Scientific Advisor

We are very excited to announce that Dr Paul Wicks is joining us in our mission to make personalised medicine a reality by connecting people more closely with research.

Paul has dedicated much of his career to patient-centric research and building patient communities, particularly in rare disease. Paul has spent 17 years in the digital health and online community space, 13 of which were spent as a senior leader at PatientsLikeMe. In his role as R&D director and later VP of Innovation at PatientsLikeMe, Paul and his team were one of the first groups to recognise the incredible potential to improve patient lives by allowing them to connect with one another online, and contribute to new research on their own terms.

Paul has published over 110+ peer-reviewed papers primarily in neurology and the science of patient reported outcomes, was scientific lead on industry partnerships, and has been a visible thought leader in the wider community.

As part of the Sano team, Paul will be helping develop the platform to help users to manage and understand their genetic and health data, and to join exciting new research in precision medicine.

You can hear more from Paul about his career to-date, his vision for the future, and how companies like Sano can help make research more patient centric in our podcast, which is available on spotify or apple podcasts.

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