17 May, 2019

Psoriasis in your twenties: an anonymous story

A 21 year old from Germany tells us what it’s like to have psoriasis in his teens and twenties...

Can you tell us a little about your experience with psoriasis?

I had my first symptoms and diagnosis when I was in second grade. I had some marks on my body and was very scared to change my clothes when anyone was around.

I was very uncomfortable with it. My mom took me to a doctor every 2 weeks where we did some special treatments and looked at what might be causing it. I don't remember what helped it but it somehow vanished and I was very happy about that. For a couple of years I completely forgot everything about it.

Unfortunately, at 8th or 9th grade it came back and I got it on the back of my head. My body has just a few spots but my head? I don't really think there's any spot under my hair that's uncovered. I'd love one day to be able to go through my hair with my hand again, without spraying my skin everywhere.

What impact does psoriasis have on your everyday life?

Wearing black shirts is super annoying since I have to adjust my shirt at the shoulder area all the time. Places where I sit, like office chairs are often covered too. You can't have anything dark on your bed because if you do for one night, you don't want to sleep there anymore because it's disgusting. Also affects social life since people look at you weird sometimes, and you often imagine that they're talking behind your back

What’s some great advice you’ve been given about having psoriasis?

Advice? I don't know. I'm just saying to myself that there are so many people out there who have it way worse than I do, so that keeps me going. Looking through reddit I've seen some people that have to deal with way harder psoriasis, and I think mine is nothing compared to them. Sure it can itch but I know I am stronger than that. I think psoriasis is just as strong as you let it be.

Photo credit: Priscilla Du Preez, Alpha stock images - Unsplash
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