19 Sep, 2019

Genetics Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Interested in finding out more about genetics and an avid podcast fan? Here are a few of our favourites:

1. The Naked Genetics podcast from the Naked Scientists

This podcast was set up by the Naked Scientists, the widely popular science radio talk show that is broadcast on the BBC in the UK and ABC internationally. The Naked Genetics podcast talks exclusively about genetics, with a range of episodes covering crime scene and forensic genetics, and genomic medicine. It is very broad, and the last episode looked at Mendel. Hosted by Phil Sanson, the podcast has a new episode every month. Take a listen here.

2. Genetics Unzipped from the UK Genetics Society

This is the podcast for the UK Genetics Society and it covers some of the more overlooked topics within genetics. They have episodes looking at the women in genetic discoveries who have been unfairly forgotten, as well as the genetic differences between city and country birds. Presented by Dr Kat Arney, the podcast currently stands at over twenty episodes. It’s on a summer break right now, but you can catch it again when it’s back on the 12th September. Until then, you can listen to their previous podcasts here.

3. DNA Today

DNA Today is huge in its scope and number of episodes. Presented by the very personable Kira Dineen, DNA Today is perhaps the most frequent and up-to-date podcast you can find out there. Kira is a genetic counsellor in training, and she uses the podcast to shed light into various aspects of genetic research and its applicability. She has hosted lots of people, including Carl Zimmer and Erica Ramos, the President of the National Society of Genetic Counsellors (and you might spy our CEO Patrick in her latest episode!) The podcast has over a hundred episodes currently, with new episodes released every Friday – if you want to keep up to date with genetics news, you can do so here.

4. The Insight from Insitome

This in-depth podcast has a range of interesting topics, looking at genetics and archaeology. It is a great listen, especially for researchers in the field. The podcast looks at historical genetics, with episodes focusing on the Denisovans and Ice Age Europe. The Insight is hosted by Spencer Wells and Razib Khan. The podcast is very active usually, but they are currently on a hiatus as they prepare for season three of their podcast. It’s a fascinating listen, which you can find here.

5. MendelsPod

Founded in 2011 by Theral Timpson and Ayanna Monteverdi, MendelsPod is a long-standing genetics podcast. It has hosted several interesting people with varied interests in genetics, from Anya Prince most recently discussing genetic discrimination, to Laura Hercher looking at Direct-To-Consumer genetic testing. It has almost 400 episodes to date! So, you won’t run out of things to listen to.

These are our top five podcasts in genetics right now, and you should definitely take a listen to all of them. You can also check out our own The Genetics Podcast,here.

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