17 Dec, 2020

Explained by a Genetic Counsellor

We share a round-up of our new blog series from genetic counsellor and award-winning podcaster, Kira Dineen.

Kira is a certified genetic counsellor in a private practice in the USA, specialising in high risk obstetrics. She also serves as a National Society of Genetic Counselors’ Digital Ambassador and is the creator/host of the award winning DNA Today: A Genetics Podcast & Radio Show.

This year we teamed-up with Kira to produce a new blog series called 'Explained by a Genetic Counsellor', exploring some of the big questions in genetics.

What is genetic risk?

Learn more about genetic risk, discover what a genetic counsellor is and find out how genetic inheritance works.

Read blogpost: What is genetic risk?

Genetics and the future of precision medicine

What is precision medicine and how can our genes reveal targeted treatment options?

Read blogpost: Genetics and the future of precision medicine

The genetics of immune conditions

Learn the essentials of the immune system and how genes can impact our immune cells.

Read blogpost: The genetics of immune conditions

How much of my DNA is unique?

Discover how we can all be genetically unique when we share 99.9% of our DNA.

Read blogpost: How much of my DNA is unique?

Stay tuned for new instalments in 2021!

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