9 Sep, 2020

Help us accelerate the future of personalised medicine

Complete the survey and share how you feel about participating in research

Can you help Sano accelerate the future of personalised medicine? Help us understand how you feel about research by completing the survey below.

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We have been awarded a grant by the UK government in partnership with Genomics England and Zetta Genomics to support development of an online platform with the aim of advancing medical research.

As we start to build the platform we want to understand more about how you use technology and engage with scientific research. We’d like to hear from people with lived experience of medical conditions, parents of children with rare medical conditions and those who take care of others with a medical condition, as well as healthy individuals.

If we hit our target of 250 survey respondents, we will donate £250 to Findacure Foundation.

How will my answers be used?

Your participation and data are completely anonymous. Your individual data will remain confidential, be treated carefully and only be accessible to a small number of qualified researchers at Sano Genetics.

De-identified, aggregate level statistics will be shared with partners and potentially in scientific literature, but none of your personal data will be identifiable.

If you have any questions or concerns before deciding whether or not to take part, please email support@sanogenetics.com.

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